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Assistant Chief of Staff, G-1 (Personnel)

Mission: The United States Army Japan (USARJ) and I Corps (Forward) G-1 Team provides tactical through strategic level of war Human Resources (HR) expertise, advice, and support to the Commanding General (CG) USARJ and commanders and staffs on all matters concerning U.S. military and U.S. Department of the Army Civilians (DACs) and their Families and USARJ’s Local National Employee (LNE) workforce. The G-1 deploys a personnel package as a part of a forward-stationed command and control Sustainment Cell and successfully conducts missions under combat, humanitarian, and disaster conditions. The G-1 also conducts bilateral engagement and builds interoperability with the Ground Staff Office (GSO) Personnel Department and in support of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF).

Vision: Soldiers, DACs and LNEs who serve with USARJ and I Corps (Forward) G-1 Team are treated with dignity and respect, guided by fair and consistent leadership, policies and regulations, and given opportunities to learn, grow, and develop as professionals and people. The combined G-1 Team sets the conditions for other USARJ and I Corps (Forward) Soldiers, civilian employees, and family members to make USARJ the best place in our Army to serve and live by executing Human Resource practices so our command recruits, selects, trains, develops, compensates, and retains valued teammates and family members. The G-1 Team also further develops an already strong bilateral professional relationship with our counterparts in the JGSDF GSO Personnel Department to ensure transparency and interoperability in the event of a Humanitarian Assistance or Disaster Relief (HA/DR) mission.

How We Are Organized:
  1. Well Being and Support Activities Division.
  2. Essential Personnel Services Division (EPS).
  3. Civilian Personnel Management Division (CPMD).
  4. Japanese Labor Negotiations Office (click for more information)

Summary of What G-1 Does:
  1. Develops bilateral relations with the GSO Personnel Department through personnel conferences, group conferences, subject matter exchanges, and development of bilateral personnel and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) policy and procedures for exercises and contingency plans (CONPLANs).
  2. Directs the development and execution of plans, programs, and policies related to personnel and services for CONPLANs, operations plans (OPLANs), command post exercises (CPXs), and field training exercises (FTXs).
  3. Develops and publishes command policy for personnel reporting in routine and emergency conditions.
  4. Analyzes manning requirements, prepares requisitions, and evaluates assignment potential of incoming personnel.
  5. Executes the personnel portion of the Command Inspection Program (CIP) and assist subordinate units with their execution of the personnel portion of the monthly Unit Strength Report (USR).
  6. Executes the command’s Well-Being program for Soldiers and their family members.
  7. Reviews promotion eligibility of personnel and monitors promotion and reduction programs.
  8. Administers and monitors the USARJ Awards and Decorations Program.
  9. Processes requests for reassignment, extensions, curtailments, and command sponsorship requests.
  10. Advises the command and provides policy and program guidance on all matters concerning U.S. and Local National (LN) civilian personnel management and administration.
  11. Maintains liaison with United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) counterparts; members of the Pacific Region Civilian Personnel Operations Center (CPOC); United States Forces, Japan (USFJ); other component services in Japan; and representatives of the Government of Japan (GOJ) at the Ministry and Bureau levels on matters pertaining to the administration and management of U.S. citizens and LNEs.
  12. Represents the CG on the Joint Committee’s Labor Subcommittee (JCLSC) of the USFJ Joint Labor Affairs Committee (JLAC). Recommends and coordinates policies and procedures relating to the administration of the LNEs under the provisions of the Master Labor Contract (MLC), Mariners Contract (MC), and Indirect Hire Agreement (IHA).
  13. Serves as the component level Contracting Officer Representative (COR), providing guidance and instruction to other COR in the USARJ area of responsibility to ensure uniform application of the Foreign Labor Program.
  14. Plans for and administers all aspects of LN automated programs including, but not limited to, the LN Counseling Program, Individual Development Plan, and the LN Priority Placement Program.

Contact information:

Mailing Address:
ACoS, Personnel
APO AP 96343-5005

DSN: 315-262-4591
Within Japan: 046-407-4591
From the U.S.: 011-81-46-407-4591
Email: Click here to send email