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Office of the Inspector General (IG)



The U.S. Army Japan Inspector General serves as an extension of the commanding general's eyes, ears, voice, and conscience and advises the commanding general on the state of discipline, economy, efficiency, morale and readiness of assigned units in order to facilitate operational readiness and capability.


  • Inquires into and reports on the state of the economy, efficiency, discipline, morale, esprit de corps, and readiness of the command.
  • Advises the CG on matters pertaining to mission performance and on existing conditions relating to individuals, units, and activities of the command. Recommends remedial action to correct deficiencies and delinquencies.
  • Serves as the proponent for the broad inspection policy within the command.
  • Conducts general and special inspections of staff offices, subordinate commands, and attached and other units and activities. Reports inspection results to the CG, identifies root causes, recommends solutions, and fixes responsibility for implementation.
  • Conducts inquiries, surveys, and investigations as directed by the CG, the IG, or as prescribed by law or regulation, and provides a report of such investigations and inquires to the directing authority.
  • Provides assistance on an area basis and provides a system for resolving problems of Soldiers, Department of Army civilians (DACs), family members, retirees, and others who need help with problems related to the U.S. Army.
  • Serves as ombudsman for Soldiers and civilians who request assistance or submit a grievance through the IG Action Request (IGAR) process.
  • Provides IG services to non-U.S. Army Japan units located in Japan, when requested or as directed by the CG.

Filing a concern/complaint with the IG

If you need assistance or want to file a complaint contact us at the following email address or numbers.

Contact Information

Command IG: DSN: 315-262-8045 / Within Japan: 046-407-8045
Deputy IG: DSN: 315-262-5019 / Within Japan: 046-407-5019
IG SGM: DSN: 315-262-4901 / Within Japan: 046-407-4901
Local National IG: DSN: 315-262-3821 / Within Japan: 046-407-3821
Fax number: DSN: 315-263-5138 / Within Japan: 046-407-5138
IG NCO: DSN: 315-652-4989 / Within Japan: 098-970-5555 Ext. 652-4989
Address: Office of the Inspector General,
Unit 45005 (APAJ-IG),
APO AP 96343-5005

Email any questions or comments to us at the Office of the Inspector General.


Our office is located on the first floor or Bldg. 101 in office E109.
In Okinawa, our office is on Torii Station, Bldg. 218, Room 211.


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Training & Federal Holidays: Closed