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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am in the National Guard. Can I participate in this program?
A: You need to transfer into the IRR, then from the IRR you can join the DIMA program
Q: I am interested in a short tour. Is there somewhere I can search for available opportunities?
A: Please check out the Personnel Force Innovation website.
Q: As an IMA, how can I create and maintain my own ORB?
Q: How to add, remove or correnct iPERMS records?

A: Your Career Management Officer (CMO) does not have the authority or ability to add, move or make corrections in your OMPF record, also known as your electronic iPERMS records. This action is performed by the iPERMs section at HRC by sending an email request with the document(s) attached. They prefer the documents are scanned in a .tif file format but can also be sent in .pdf file format as long as each doc is sent as an individual file (i.e. each certificate, award, order, etc is a separate file). As of April 2008, they will not PERM any OERs/NCOERs or DA-1059s that have not been reviewed and profiled by HRC-Alexandria.

To Add Records/Documents:
Soldier sends an email message request: Click here to send email

The email message must state the NAME, full SSN, and a short description of what the document(s) are that you are requesting be added to your iPERMs/OPMF records. Most of the time the PERMs clerk/tech will send a response back when the action has been completed.

To Remove Duplicate or Misfiled Documents and to Correct Errors:

Soldier sends an email message request: Click here to send email

The email message must state the NAME, SSN, and a detailed listing of all the duplicate and/or misfiled document(s). If there is an error in description or posting dates, then indicate that in the description so the document can be found and corrections made. The listing should show the DOCUMENT NAME and EFFECTIVE DATE that is listed in the iPERMS record. HRC-St. Louis will verify each duplicate/misfiled document and make the appropriate changes. (The POC to remove documents is extension 20620).

To Remove RESTRICTED Documents:

To remove a record from the Performance fiche to the Restricted fiche, you must have approval from DASEB (DA Suitability Evaluation Board). AR 27-10, para 3-43, explains the process. Soldiers will need to send the request (with any supporting documentation) to Commander, HRC-STL, ATTN: ARPC-ZJA, 1 Reserve Way, St. Louis, MO 63132-5200. Once approved by DASEB, the OMPF personnel in PRIS now Soldier Records and Documents Center (SRDC) will move the file based on documentation from them.