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“The overall objective of the Drilling Individual Mobilization Augmentee (DIMA) program is to facilitate the rapid expansion of the active Army wartime structure of the Department of Defense and/or other departments or agencies of the U.S. Government to meet military manpower requirements in the event of military contingency, pre-mobilization, mobilization, sustainment, and/or demobilization operations.” -AR 140-145 Section 1-5

The DIMA program exists to augment the active Army. DIMA soldiers need to be prepared for mobilization on short notice. Refer to AR 140-145 for specifics regarding the mobilization of DIMA soldiers. Human Resources Command also has great mobilization resources on their website

Note: All DIMAs are subject to mobilization; therefore, DIMAs in deleted positions can be mobilized IAW AR 140-145, Paragraph 5-2.