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U.S. Army Recruiter

We are looking for fully qualified non-prior & prior service individuals who are interested in one of the 150 different career opportunities with the U.S. Army. If required, enlistee's are allowed to leave from Japan to attend basic training.

US Army Recruiting Mainland-Japan
SFC Tanesha Friday:  070-7893-2293
SFC Jason Blowers:   070-7896-7997
Email: usarmy.knox.usarec.list.6h7m@army.mil

US Army Recruiting - Okinawa Japan
SSG Naval   Cell: 080-8372-9813
SFC Carney Cell: 080-8372-9814
Email: usarmy.knox.usarec.list.6h7j@army.mil


U.S. Army Recruiting Command