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Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA)

Serves as legal advisor to the CG, staff, and subordinate commanders. Supervises preparation of legal opinions and command guidance; promulgates command directives and implements guidance of higher authority; supervises and, as appropriate, provides training and instruction; and prepares and submits reports to HQDA and other agencies, as required.Serves as a command representative on the Joint Committee (JC), which is established under the U.S.-Japan Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). Acts as the USARJ Representative on the subcommittee dealing with criminal and civil jurisdiction, MLC issues and contract disputes, and contract conciliation and acquisition of facilities. Represents and protects U.S. and command interests in all matters referred under the U.S.-Japan JC (USJJC) structure.

Provides legal support, as requested or required, to Army personnel in the Pacific (to include Thailand and Taiwan) not specifically assigned to another General Court-Martial (GCM) jurisdiction.

Ensures the continuing legal education and training of the SJA staff.

Serves on the USARJ Crisis Action Team (CAT).

Serves as the Ethics Counselor for the command.

Deputy SJA (DSJA): Advises the USAG-J Commander, principal staff, subordinate commanders, and other supported commanders on legal matters concerning the administration and operation of the USAG-J. Provides legal guidance relative to personal and civil matters, claims, U.S. military justice, administration, discipline, status, and activities of DA personnel within the command. Supervises the administration of U.S. military justice, legal assistance, claims, operational law, international law, and civil and administrative law. Performs administrative control of correspondence and provides guidance in the interpretation of administrative directives and procedures concerning U.S. military justice.

  • Criminal Law:
    NOTE: USA Trial Defense Service, Region VI (Yongsan Field Office) provides Trial Defense Services and legal advice to Soldiers located in Japan, who need legal advice regarding nonjudicial punishment, administrative separation, court-martial, and other adverse action that requires a defense attorney.
    If you are a Soldier who needs to consult a TDS attorney, then you may reach the TDS office at:
    DSN 738-4485 or COM 011-822-7918-4485

  • Legal Assistance Office
  • Claims Office
  • Operational Law:
    The mission of the Operational Law Division is to:
    • Serve as legal representative on USARJ Battle Staff, represents SJA in staff planning process for all contingency/operational planning and bilateral training exercises;
    • Provide advice and legal expertise to commanders and staff regarding operational law issues such as Force Protection, Rules of Engagement (ROE)/ Rules for the Use of Force (RUF), Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) and other legal matters related to military operations and training in a forward deployed operational command;
    • Act as SJA Representative for coordination with AC/RC units and Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) units supporting USARJ bilateral and operational missions;
    • SJA liaison with USFJ for operational law matters.
  • Administrative and International Law
  • Japanese Criminal Law and Liaison (JCL&L):