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The DIMA Program

Current manning of the active Army is capable of meeting peacetime needs; however, in the event of mobilization, trained augmentees capable of immediately filling required positions are essential. The Drilling Individual Mobilization Augmentee (DIMA) Program provides this augmentation.

Members of the DIMA Program are a vital and immediate link in the overall military strength of our nation. Their role is that of first-line augmentation in the event our nation's forces are called up or mobilized due to war, military operations other than war, or a national emergency. By maintaining a high state of readiness, they provide the support needed to meet our increased mission requirements.

Serving in Japan

As a DIMA assigned in Japan, you can expect to participate in major bilateral exercises for annual training (AT) each year. These exercises aim to refine interoperability between the U.S. Army and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. As many as 1,100 U.S. soldiers, including reservists, take part.

Requirements and Benefits

Is the DIMA program for you? To become and participate as a DIMA, you must meet certain requirements, which include:

  • Assigned in, or eligible for assignment in the IRR
  • Minimum rank of SGT/E-5
  • Current physical exam
  • Current HIV screening test
  • Current security clearance

Some of the benefits of belonging to the DIMA program with an assignment in Japan include:

  • 19 days of AT (Annual Training)
  • 48 point UTA potential
  • Points toward reserve retirement
  • Education/tuition assistance
  • SGLI coverage
  • Free courses through the Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP) and SmartForce
  • Commissary and PX privileges

DIMA Handbook - Please read this handbook for more information about the DIMA program