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78th Signal Battalion Pacific LandWarNet Area of Responsibility

Map of Honshu

Map of Honshu

Map of Okinawa

Map of Okinawa

Help Desk Contact Numbers

Mainland Japan

Computer Consolidated Help Desk

DSN: 315-263-3876

Telephone Customer Service

DSN: 315-263-4114

Telephone Directory Updates

DSN: 315-263-4580

Regional Network Operations Security Center (RNOSC)

DSN: 315-263-7700


Facility Control Office

DSN: 315-641-3277
DSN: 315-641-4100

Technical Control

DSN: 315-641-3600
DSN: 315-641-7433

Satellite Communications (SATCOM)

DSN: 315-6413710
DSN: 315-641-3720

Telephone (DSN)

DSN: 315-641-2140
DSN: 315-641-2761

Military Affiliated Radio Station (MARS)

DSN: 315-645-7603