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Administrative / International Law

Administrative / International Law DSN: 315-262-7327
Labor Law Counselor DSN: 315-262-3156
Japanese Criminal Law Legal Advisor and Liaison DSN: 315-262-5434

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The mission of the Administrative & International Law Division is to:

  • Provides legal advice to the Senior Military Commander, the Garrison Commander and all subordinate commanders and principle staff members.
  • Researches and prepares written legal opinions on the interpretation and application of the laws, statutes, and regulations to facilitate the operation of the installation.
  • Provides legal advice concerning private organizations, nonappropriated fund instrumentalities, nonappropriated funds, gifts, donations, use of Government property, and military installations.
  • Provides legal reviews for boards, investigations, reports of survey (FLIPL), and line of duty determinations.
  • Represents the Staff Judge Advocate on the Family Advocacy Committee (FAC); Case Review Committee (CRC); Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP); Special Needs Access Program (SNAP); Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program (SAPR), and similar community programs.
  • Provides Ethics training, guidance and reviews including review of Confidential and Public Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE 450 and SF 278).
  • Provides training and guidance on International Law matters involving the US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).
  • Conducts SOFA briefings to personnel involved with host-nation law enforcement investigations.
  • Provides trial observer and reporting services for SOFA personnel tried in host nation criminal courts and provides trial observer reports to higher headquarters.

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