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10th Support Group

On order, 10th Support Group executes operational and contingency support plans to facilitate and enable United States Army Japan and USINDOPACOM

operations in the area of responsibility. Coordinates Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration, contingency sustainment, and base camp

operations in support of theatre operations and regional security cooperation activities. Conducts support to theater Noncombatant Evacuation

Operations, coordinates the Joint voluntary or mandatory departure of Department of Defense (DoD) dependents and designated nonessential civilian

personnel from Okinawa. Serves as the senior U.S. Army headquarters in support of USARJ and all U.S. Army forces on Okinawa.


A world class organization providing values based, mission oriented, customer focused support to Soldiers, civilians, families, and U.S. Forces in our Area of Operations.

24/7 - 10th Support Group Staff Duty Numbers:
Duty DSN: 652-4708
Duty Cell: 090-6861-6159