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Director, FXD (Strategic Effects)

To provide security cooperation, bilateral/multilateral, and political-military expertise and advice to the command group and staff on policies and issues that affect U.S. Army Japan’s relationship with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), Government of Japan (GoJ) agencies, and local communities wherever there is a U.S. Army presence, mission or interest.

Acts as the principal advisor to the command group on Japanese military, political, social and economic matters that impact the command and its bilateral relationship and activities. Advises the commanding general and staff in resolving United States-Japan related issues. Develops command policy recommendations on command and bilateral issues that are consistent with the commanding general’s intentions and established priorities. Acts as the staff proponent for staff coordination of significant bilateral issues.

Language Support Division:
Provides cultural expertise and interpreter/translator support to the command group; personal, coordinating, and special staff offices; subordinate commands; and attached and other units and activities, within capabilities.

Political-Military Division:
Provides area expertise and advice on the political and military aspects of military-to-military and intergovernmental relationships involving Japan and Northeast Asia. Clearing house for information of Japanese military and political organizations, policies and procedures that affect the U.S.-Japan security relationship. Provides policy recommendations to the G-5. The scope of activities include, but are not limited to, Self-Defense Forces, Government agencies and local communities. Maintains information on defense policy and organization, unit command briefs, and other information relevant to the U.S.-Japan military-to-military relationship.

Bilateral Engagement Program (BEP) Division:
Administers bilateral exchange programs with the JGSDF to improve interoperability between the U.S. Army and the JGSDF, enhances camaraderie; provides opportunities to learn doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures; and enhances mutual understanding of the Japanese culture and language.

Liaison Officers:
Maintains current information, conducts studies, and presents briefings on Japan and the JGSDF. Serves as the primary direct interface for interoperability between the U.S. Army and JGSDF. Coordinates bilateral command and staff visits between USARJ and assigned JGSDF Army headquarters. Facilitates bilateral relations with the JGSDF by providing clarification of U.S. tactics, techniques and procedures; introduces USARJ methodology to JGSDF Regional Army staffs.

Contact information:
DSN: 315-262-8540
Within Japan: 046-407-8540
From the U.S.: 011-81-46-407-8540

Fax DSN: 315-263-7231
Fax within Japan: 046-407-7231
Fax from the U.S.: 011-81-46-407-7231

Mailing address:
Unit 45005 (APAJ-GE)
APO AP 96343-5005