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Asssitant Chief of Staff, G-8 (Resource Management)

Mission: United States Army Japan and I Corps (Forward) G-8, directs and coordinates the resource management activities of the command. Advises the commanding general, senior leaders and staff on matters dealing with programming and budgeting, finance and accounting, and related policies, management improvement programs, cost/benefit analyses, manpower management and documentation, and equipment management and documentation, and cost sharing initiatives with the Government of Japan (GoJ). Team provides tactical through strategic level of Resource Management (RM) expertise, advice, and support to the commanding general and commanders and staffs on all matters concerning human, financial, physical and technological resources. The G-8 also conducts bilateral engagement and builds interoperability with the Ground Staff Office finance department and in support of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.

Vision: United States Army Japan and I Corps (Forward) G-8, ensures that adequate human, financial, physical and technological resources are available in order for USARJ to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow operating in a dynamic internal and external environment.

How We Are Organized:

  1. Program, Budget, and Analysis Division (PBAD)
  2. Manpower, Equipment, and Management Analysis Division (MEMAD)
  3. Cost Sharing Division (CSD)
  4. Managerial Accounting Division (MAD)


Summary of What G-8 Does:

  1. Provides advice and assistance to USARJ commanders and staff members pertaining to program development, budget formulation and budget execution.
  2. Provides advice and assistance to USARJ commanders and staff on matters pertaining to manpower requirements and documentation, equipment requirements and documentation, Services Contracts Approval Process, Command Plan and Total Army Analysis (TAA) initiatives, and other manpower programs.
  3. Serves as the Army's resource management expert for the GoJ Host Nation Support Cost Sharing Programs for all Army, DoD, and non-appropriated fund under Army executive agency in Japan.
  4. Provides advice and assistance to the G-8 and other staff offices, subordinate commands, and other Army activities on matters related to accounting policies/services.
  5. Manages and executes command's Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP).
  6. Manages and executes command's Government Purchase Card (GPS).
  7. Manages and oversees command's Government Travel Card (GPC) Program.
  8. Manages and oversees command's Defense Travel System (DTS).


Contact information:

Mailing Address:
ACoS, G-8
APO AP 96343-5005

DSN: 315-262-8075
Within Japan: 046-407-8075
From the U.S.: 011-81-46-407-8075