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About Us

Ammo Operations


The Ammunition Depot, 10th Support Group (Regional) operates the only Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board licensed and approved burn site in Japan. The Ammunition Peculiar Equipment (APE) 1236 M1 Deactivation Furnace demilitarizes small caliber rounds and components. The APE 1408 Safety Certification Unit certifies fired range brass.


The Ammunition Depot operates the only government-owned and government-operated (GO/GO) maintenance facility in the Pacific theater of operations. Unit personnel conduct maintenance that includes replacing components, painting, remarking and repackaging on a variety of munitions, and returns them to the munitions stockpile.


Surveillance personnel at Kawakami and Akizuki on Honshu and Chibana Ammunition Support Branch on Okinawa provide quality assurance and safety for every phase of an ammunition operation. Ammunition Depot personnel also operate a quality assurance facility at Kawakami.

Ammunition Depot headquarters

The Ammunition Depot headquarters occupies 2.9 acres on what is known as Pier 6. In addition to the headquarters building, the area also supports the commissary, marine facilities, and morale, welfare and recreation facilities.


  • Kawakami Ammunition Depot
  • Akizuki Ammunition Depot
  • Hiro Ammunition Depot
  • Chibana Ammunition Support Branch


Mailing Address:
Unit 35432
FPO AP 96310-5432

Japanese Mailing Address:
5-3 Showa-cho
Kura-shi, Hiroshima-ken

Phone numbers:

Director: DSN: 315-256-2400
Executive Administration: DSN: 315-256-2401
NCOIC: DSN: 315-256-2440
Community Relations: DSN: 315-256-2404

History of the Camp Kure U.S. Army Ammunition Depot

Kure Ammunition Depot was established December 6, 1950, with its headquarters located at Camp Etajima, former site of the Japanese Imperial Naval Academy. On April 23, 1953, the headquarters was moved to the Hiro area on the site of the former Japanese Imperial Navy’s 11th Naval Aircraft Arsenal. Camp Etajima was closed December 21, 1955, and the unit was redesignated the 8098th Army Unit. In 1957, the Hiro and Kawakami ammunition storage areas were placed in a standby status with only Akizuki ammunition storage area having an ammunition mission.

On May 1, 1959, Akizuki was placed under operational control of Headquarters, U.S. Army Japan/6th Logistical Command. In 1967, Hiro and Kawakami were reactivated in support of military actions in Vietnam.

The Depot became the Akizuki Detachment in 1970 and the U.S. Army Ammunition Depot Complex in 1971. On 8 April 1980, the Depot was designated as the U.S. Army Ammunition Depot, Akizuki, and assumed responsibility for ammunition support in Okinawa on June 1, 1984. In February 1986, the Depot was redesignated the 196th Ordnance Battalion (Provisional) and a year later on February 1, 1987, was redesignated the 83rd Ordnance Battalion. In March its headquarters was relocated from Etajima Island to the present location in Kure City.

In June 2002, the 83rd Ordnance Battalion transferred to the 10th Support Group headquartered on Okinawa. On September 15, 2013, the 83rd Ordnance Battalion was inactivated and the unit redesignated Ammunition Depot, 10th Support Group (Regional) remaining under the designated Okinawa-based 10th Support Group (Regional).

Throughout its history, the tradition of excellence in ammunition logistics support to the U.S. Army remains unchanged at Camp Kure.