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Japanese Labor Negotiation Office (JLNO)


The JLNO represents the Army as a regular member of the Procedures and Compensation Panel (PCP) and the Classification Panel (CP) of the Joint Labor Affairs Committee (JLAC). The JLAC is the joint-service committee responsible for developing MLC/IHA/MC positions and changes to the Master Labor Contract, the Indirect-Hire Agreement, and the Mariners Contract, which will become subjects of negotiation between U.S. Forces Japan (USFJ) and the Government of Japan (GOJ). The JLAC is composed of the Civilian Personnel Directors of the four component services (i.e., Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force) and is chaired by the chief, Labor Branch (J14), HQ USFJ.


The PCP is composed of representatives of the four component services. These individuals and their staffs perform the research, study, and debate required to provide the JLAC with a negotiable proposal.


The CP is composed of position management and classification experts from the four component services. They deal with general issues of classification and position management in the Japanese employment system, and they develop proposals for new job definitions to be placed in the contracts and agreement.

Bilateral Relations

The JLNO staff represents the Civilian Personnel Director, the Army,  in meetings with various levels of the GOJ (e.g., representatives of the Defense Facilities Administration Agency (DFAA) or Defense Facilities Administration Bureau (DFAB), etc.). The purposes of these meetings are largely informational. The DFAB meets on a quarterly basis to discuss problems and issues before they meet with the Japanese labor union (ZENCHURO). Issues discussed may include such subjects as: employment projections, proposed reorganization affecting Japanese employees, the impact of Family Time on MLC/IHA/MC employees, etc.

Alternate JLAC Member

The Chief of the JLNO serves as the JLAC member in the absence of the U.S. Army Japan Civilian Personnel Director.