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About Us

Mission & Vision


Support a “Fight Tonight,” total force in mainland Japan and Okinawa through readiness, quality care and safety.


America’s military leader in oral health and an integral member of Army Medicine.

U.S. Army Dental Health Activity-Japan (DENTAC-J) provides general dentistry and limited specialty care for all active duty service members and their command sponsored family members. Family member care is dependent on “space” and resource availability. The dental officers, enlisted, civilians, and local national workforce assigned to Camp Zama and Torii Station are committed to supporting the mission of U.S. Army Japan and to serving those in our communities.

Dental Activity's Focus

  • Dental readiness is defined by the amount or type of dental work you require. This is broken down into four basic readiness classifications:

    DRC 1 (Dental Readiness Class): Congratulations! Administratively, your dental record is correct and all of your dental treatment has been completed. You are required to have a dental exam once a year (every 15 months to be exact), and require no additional dental care at this time.

    DRC 2: Your record is administratively current, but you have dental conditions for which we strongly recommend you schedule routine care (cleaning, fillings, etc.). These conditions are unlikely to result in a dental emergency within 12 months.

    DRC 3: You need our help and immediate attention! You require treatment to correct dental conditions that are likely to cause a dental emergency within 12 months. Examples of such include large cavities that need fillings, root canal treatment that needs completion, problematic wisdom teeth that need extraction, etc. Please make an appointment with us immediately.

    DRC 4: You require a dental examination or do not have a dental record. Hence we are not able to validate your true dental fitness. Correct this deficiency today.

    DRC 3 or 4 places you in a "non-readiness compliant" category. Please contact us immediately to remedy this situation. Remember, dental fitness is a key component of Soldier readiness and total body wellness. Let us help you maintain yourself in the best possible health!

  • Provide area dental support and services for all U.S. Army personnel on mainland Japan and Okinawa.
  • Promote host nation relations by representing U.S. Army Japan and U.S. Army Dental Corps through engagement and interaction with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force dental and medical forces.

Phone Numbers

U.S. Army Dental Health Activity, Japan Headquarters

Office DSN Within Japan From the U.S.
Commander 315-263-3541 046-407-3541 011-81-46-407-3541
Executive Officer 315-263-8189 046-407-8189 011-81-46-407-8189
Senior Dental NCO 315-263-4190 046-407-4190 011-81-46-407-4190
Fax 315-263-5393 046-407-5393 011-81-46-407-5393

Camp Zama Dental Clinic – Mainland Japan

Office DSN Within Japan From the U.S.
Dental Appointments 315-263-4603 046-407-4603 011-81-46-407-4603
Dental Clinic NCOIC 315-263-5099 046-407-5099 011-81-46-407-5099
Fax 315-263-4214 046-407-4214 011-81-46-407-4214

Torii Station Dental Clinic - Okinawa

Office DSN Within Japan From the U.S.
Dental Appointments 315-652-4370 098-911-5111* 011-81-6117-44-4370
Dental Clinic NCOIC 315-652-4130 098-911-5111* 011-81-6117-44-4130
Fax 315-652-4180 098-911-5111* 011-81-6117-44-4180

Note* - Dial the switchboard: 098-911-5111. After dialing this number, you will hear the normal tone made by a landline phone before you enter the number to call. When you hear this tone, dial the DSN. Wait a few seconds for the call to be placed and confirmed with the rings.


Monday-Wednesday & Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Thursday (Closed in the afternoon for training) 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Sick Call Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

Sick call hours are reserved for the treatment of acute pain, swelling, bleeding, trauma, etc. Treatment rendered is normally of an interim nature, until a scheduled appointment for routine care is available.

U.S. Army Dental Health Activity-Japan Services

Beneficiaries, as specified in Army Regulation 40-3, must be SOFA-sponsored in Japan or Okinawa. Please be prepared to provide a copy of your orders indicating your sponsorship status.

“Space Required”: dental services provided in a military facility. Only in rare cases will these patients be referred to a non-military facility.

“Space Available”: dental services in a military facility, but treatment is based on staff and facility capabilities. If treatment cannot be provided at an Army facility, an attempt will be made to refer such cases to the nearest Air Force or Navy dental facilities to provide the required services. If other local military facilities cannot provide treatment due to staff or facility limitations, the patient must seek care off base utilizing their personal dental insurance. We cannot refer any patients to off base dental facilities. The patient must contact their personal dental insurance provider for guidance on this matter.

Dental Insurance: https://tricare.mil/dental/ OTAD (Other Than Active Duty) personnel, may elect to purchase personal dental insurance. Having personal dental insurance will provide individuals an option to seek dental care off base.

Specialty Dental Care (Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics and Orthodontics): May be provided at our facilities on a limited basis by our general dentists, but more comprehensive and/or complex cases may be referred to local Air Force or Navy dental facilities. The Air Force and Navy dental facilities are in high demand and usually only accept active duty personnel. All other beneficiaries may seek additional dental care through personal dental insurance off base.

Availability of Dental Care: Routine dental care and specialty dental services are extremely limited for retirees and DoD/DA civilian beneficiary categories. Emergency care, in order to stabilize or relieve pain, may be provided during business hours, on a space available basis.