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Periodic Health Assessment

  • Log into AKO.
  • Under the “Self Service” tab click “My Medical”
  • Click on the link entitled: “My Medical Readiness”
  • Click on PHA and complete the PHA questionnaire
  • Call Logistics Health, Inc/Reserve Health Readiness Program, (LHI/RHRP) at (800) 666-2833 and notify them the questionnaire is completed and submitted, then request that a PHA be scheduled.
  • If the Soldier does NOT have access to AKO, he/she should contact LHI/RHRP at (800) 666-2833. LHI/RHRP will mail packet to Soldier. Soldier will complete packet and return promptly to LHI. When LHI receives the completed packet, they will make contact (maximum of three attempts) with Soldier to schedule PHA.
  • If the IMA Soldier is outside a 50 mile radius, PRIOR to having the Soldier report for the PHA appointment, the Personnel Actions Branch (PAB) of Human Resources Command (HRC) must complete a DD Form 1610 to enable the Soldier to be paid. Contact HRC Customer Service at: (888) ARMYHRC (888-276-9478), and ask for the PAB that is responsible for the MOS. The PAB will forward the completed DD 1610 for final approval and processing to HRC, G-8, (502) 613-4402, email: usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.g8-1610-physicals@mail.mil.
  • If the IMA Soldier is within a 50 mile radius for a PHA appointment, they may be authorized Individual Duty for Training (IDT) pay. Compensation will be limited to two periods of IDT annually.
  • Complete a DA Form 1380 for IDT and forward to the Reserve Pay Section, at the email: usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.g8-reserve-pay@mail.mil. Commercial (502) 613-4405, DSN 312-983-4405.
  • Soldiers who live outside CONUS can call the HRC Surgeons Office direct for special instructions on how to obtain their PHA. The HRC Surgeon’s Office number is Toll Free: (800) 433-0521, DSN: 312-983-9030 or commercial: (502) 613-9030; email: usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.sg@mail.mil.