Required Documents

  • Travel orders [2 copies of permanent change of station (PCS) orders for each pet].
  • Rabies Vaccination (INACTIVATED) Certificate (DD Form 2208; 2 copies and original).
  • Health Certificate (MDJOP Form 2209 / MDJ OP Form6; Veterinary Health Certificate for Import/Export for Japan; 2 copies and original), the health certificate cannot be older than 10 days. If there is a layover that will cause your health certificate to expire, then a new health certificate must be obtained. This form is for use by military veterinarians only! No endorsement is required if done by VCO/GS veterinarian. NAF veterinarians will require APHIS endorsement.
  • Health Certificate (APHIS Form 7001) may be used but will require the additional use of GOJ AQS forms A and C. This form must be used by civilian veterinarians. All forms must be endorsed by APHIS. The endorsed health certificate is good for 30 days but must be supplemented with a health certificate which is less than 10 days old. While this form may be used by military veterinarians, confusion about endorsement can arise so the use of MDJOP Form 2209 is encouraged.
  • Japan Ministry of Agriculture Advance Notification Forms (This form is not required if traveling MILAIR) (Advance Notification Approval Form; 2 copies and original) If traveling by commercial airlines, advance notification approval is required for check-in with the airline and upon arrival in Japan. Submit the Advance Notification Form as soon as transportation arrangements as well as microchipping, vaccination, and FAVN testing steps are complete. Please annotate in the "Remarks" column this statement: "This pet belongs to a US SOFA sponsored family and will be assigned to (list installation)."
  • All of the above documents must be attached to the outside of the airline kennel (Ziploc bag works best). Label the bag: "Export/Import Pet Documents."
  • MDJ Form 270 (Pet Quarantine and Examination Certificate; 2 copies) All SOFA status personnel entering Japan with a pet are required to complete a MDJ 270. The MDJ 270 allows your pet to be released to you for transportation to your US Military Quarantine Facility. Please download the form and fill it out before arrival. You are required to submit the form to your US Military Veterinary Treatment Facility within 72 hours of entry into Japan.
  • 380 EJ Form (Customs Free Import or Export of Cargo or Customs Declaration of Personal Property): This form is needed when your pet(s) enters Japan through a civilian airport separately as freight and on a different flight than you. You may obtain the form by having your PCS sponsor in Japan take a copy of your orders to the transportation office at your gaining installation. The base transportation officer will sign the appropriate box after verifying your orders.
  • Health Certificates for Pets from Rabies Free Countries: These health certificates are to be used for pets that will be traveling to Japan from designated Rabies Free Countries including Taiwan, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, and Guam.
  • Transportation Annex Form for Pets from Rabies Free Countries transiting a third country:
  • Export Quarantine Application Form for Pets leaving Japan to return at a later date:
Last reviewed on December 2, 2016, by USARJ Public Affairs Office.