Pet Export

Exporting Dogs, Cats and Ferrets

dog The majority of service members leaving Japan will be returning to the United States. Pets imported into the U.S. are subject to the same health, quarantine, agriculture, wildlife and customs requirements and prohibitions as those entering for the first time.

  • The U.S. Public Health Service requires that dogs and cats brought into the U.S. be examined at the first port of entry for evidence of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days prior to entry, except for puppies younger than three months. All service members leaving Japan for the United States will obtain a rabies and health certificate from their local Veterinary Treatment Facility.
  • Due to the 10 day validity period of the health certificate, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment to receive your rabies and health certificate a few days before your departure. All animals must be examined to obtain a health certificate.

Leaving Japan

animal quarantine service, airport office japan
  • Do not forget to pick up your pet's record from the Veterinary Treatment Facility.
  • All animals need to have a health certificate issued before travel. Health certificates are valid for airline travel for 10 days from issue.
  • All animals being exported out of Japan through a commercial airport are required to be inspected by the Animal Quarantine Office prior to check-in at the airline ticket counter. Each pet will receive an export tag after the examination. An office is located at each terminal building at the Narita International Airport. See the map below to get directions for the Terminal 1 office located on the second floor above the section where the DOD Courtesy Counter is located.

ANIMAL QUARANTINE OFFICE (Narita Airport Terminal 1)

Animal Quarantine Service
Narita Branch Section 1
TEL: 0476-32-6664
TEL: 0476-30-3011

map of Narita Airport Animal Quarantine Office

Exporting To other Countries

  • Germany has enacted a ban on some breeds of dogs or dogs that resemble them that are considered dangerous. If you are making a permanent change of station to Germany see Dangerous Dogs.
  • Due to the many requirements of different countries we recommend contacting Customs for the country of your destination and the veterinarian at your new duty station in advance about shipping and quarantine requirements. Some unique requirements to the more common military destinations such as United Kingdom, Guam, Germany and Hawaii are linked on the PHCD-J website.

Taking your Pet on Vacation and Returning

There are special provisions for animals that will be leaving Japan only to return in a few weeks to months. Please see the PHCD-J Web page “Pets Leaving and Returning to Japan”.

Exporting other Animals

  • Other animals have many different requirements. The best requirement information for your pet can be found at Japan Animal Quarantine Service
  • Requirements for importing and exporting birds continually change. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service require importing, exporting or re-exporting plants and wildlife protected by international treaty and/or domestic statute, you must obtain a permit. It is important to keep all documentation for ease of re-importing later.
  • Please review the Web pages at the bottom of the page for the most current information for your pet.
Last reviewed on December 2, 2016, by USARJ Public Affairs Office.