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To provide consistent high quality and compassionate medical care to all people serving in Japan.


MEDDAC-J, the best organization in the MEDCOM.

METL (Mission Essential Task List)

  • Provide trained and ready Soldiers to support worldwide operations.
  • Provide high quality healthcare services to all beneficiaries in a safe environment of care.
  • Provide a qualified staff with clinical training opportunities to maintain core competencies.
  • In support of contingency operations, plan for humanitarian and disaster response with host nation medical leaders.

Hot Topics

  • Access to Care is 24/7. Our Clinic is not open 24/7 but our triage line is available 24/7. When you call 263-4127, our staff will notify a provider who will call you back. The provider will advise you if you can wait till the clinic opens, or if you need to seek medical care at either Yokosuka Navy Hospital, Yokota AFB Hospital or at a Host Nation Hospital or Clinic.

  • Recently we have noticed an increase of calls to the “911” number. This is the emergency number which activates the MPs, our ambulance, EMTs and translators. Of course, if you have a life threatening medical emergency such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, or trauma, please call “911” on post or “119” off post. If you are feeling sick, or have an injury that does not meet the criteria for life, limb or eyesight, please call the clinic first at 263-4127 and push option 1 for triage nurse or 24/7 medical advice. Our provider on call will advise you on what options are available, such as Yokota AFB hospital, Yokosuka Navy Hospital or a local Host Nation clinic/hospital, in which case we would arrange for a translator to assist you.

  • The local Host Nation hospitals do not operate in the same manner that they do in the US. Local hospitals do not have to see you when you present at their ER. That is why we want you to call us first. If our provider thinks that this is a medical emergency, that provider will engage our EMS staff including a translator. Please carry an emergency wallet card which has information on who to call for medical assistance. These cards are available at the clinic and we will be handing them out at various community events such as CIE and Medical Morning.

  • What to do if you think you have a recalled product in your home:
    1. Do not use the product until you have checked the full list of recalled OTCs.
    2. If you are still unsure please call the USAMEADDAC-Japan Pharmacy at DSN 315-263-4475 or after hour at 315-263-4127 and follow their advice.
    3. Return the product to the point of purchase (the PX or Commissary).
    4. Consumers who have medical concerns or questions should contact USAMEDDAC-Japan.