Welcome to the 1st BN, 1st Air Defense Artillery (Regiment)

Dear New 1-1 ADA Soldier:

Welcome to Okinawa, Japan and 1st Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery (Regiment) the "Snake Eyes Battalion!" Here you will join the most lethal Patriot Battalion in the world and have unique opportunities to work on an Air Force Base, train with Japanese partner units, and conduct exercises with the Air Force, Navy, and Marines. You’ll also enjoy the warm hospitality of our host nation, the beautiful beaches of Okinawa, and your home in the 1-1 ADA community.

We encourage you to connect with your sponsor, seek out information on the 1-1 ADA Facebook page and ask a lot of questions before you arrive. Our Operational Playbook below describes the focus of our mission and the principles we uphold as a battalion. We’re committed to your success in the Army and look forward to your arrival to the Snake Eyes Team.

Again, welcome to the 1-1 ADA team! We look forward to your arrival and feel confident that you will find your tour within this unit a challenging and rewarding assignment. Be an active part of our community and enjoy the Land of the Rising Sun.